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Whistle & Crook Stock Dog Services LLC

Wilamette Valley Oregon




Welcome to the all new Stock Dog Server, a service of Whistle & Crook Stock Dog Services LLC. We have changed our direction and focus away from purely static lists of information (though there is still plenty of them) to a more dynamic site focused on the functions and services that you, stock and stock dog owners, are looking for.

We welcome feedback on improvements, changes or additions you would like to see made to the site. If you have suggestions please use our feedback form.

The purpose of this web site is to gather together in one place as much information about herding dogs and as many links to herding and livestock related information as possible.  Thus if there is an "official" or comprehensive list of trials, organizations etc. then we point to that list instead of trying to duplicate it.   Where no such resource exists or where we find it incomplete or lacking then we will do our best to incorporate it into this site.

For those of you new to herding dogs we recommend you start by reading the introduction to stock dogs.   Don't Forget to check out what's new on The Stock Dog Server.


Most of the herding related e-mail lists are now part of Yahoo Groups.  To subscribe to them sign into Yahoo groups and use the find group feature and type "herding" into the search box.  The largest and most general lists are shown below